About TWO

Heads of Traffic Wardens Organisation

The Commissioner of Police and Addl. Commissioner of Police (Traffic) of Bangalore City are the departmental heads of the organization while the Chief Traffic Warden is the civilian head.

Duties of Traffic Wardens

Traffic Wardens mainly assist the Bangalore City Traffic Police in regulating the vehicular traffic and pedestrians and to educate the road users, college students and school children in the matter of Road Safety. Regular traffic duties will be on two days in a week for two to three hours in evening, other than the regular traffic duties mentioned above, the Traffic Wardens also go for special duties during: VIPs’ visits, Assembly and General Elections, Bundh, Festivals, Traffic week Programmes etc.

Parade and Drill

Parades for the Traffic Wardens are conducted once in a month between 08.00 AM and 10 AM at the CAR Grounds, Near Sirsi Circle, Mysore Road.


Bangalore City Police Traffic Wardens’ Organisation is a voluntary Organization and there are no statutory powers.


Traffic Wardens do not receive any remuneration of any kind (cash or any kind).